We can make your balcony beautiful

Balcony service

Got an unloved balcony and patio space that you’d like to transform? Potted’s bespoke service will help you make the most of it – no matter the size.


Let's make your balcony beautiful

Balconies can be challenging: we know that. When you’re pushed for space (and soil!) experimenting with plants feels like a luxury there’s not time or room for. So let us help you.


We'LL finD your perfect planters and the loveliest plants 

So how does it work?
We’ll visit you at home to see how your space works – when it gets the sun, if it gets any rain, what the wind is like. We pay close attention to the things you like and dislike – colour, scent, sound, those irrational (but deeply held) plant prejudices – and your honest thoughts on how watering and care fits with your lifestyle. We’ll even help with garden furniture if you’re in need of inspiration. Then we’ll propose a scheme of plants and planters we think might just fit the bill.

If you agree, we’ll come and install the lot: we’ll source the planters, all your gorgeous greenery, and the soils, fertilisers and drainage materials that will make your garden grow strongly. When you next step onto your balcony, we hope it will feel like your retreat from the city; the tranquil space for enjoying the view, dinner or drinks on a warm evening.

If you’d like to hear more, drop us an email and we’ll tell you more!