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Potted's first workshop! Learn all about caring for your ferns

We're so excited to announce our first Potted workshop, which will take place on June 26 at The Cafe of Good Hope in Ladywell. Nick and I will be hosting, and the workshop will focus on ferns and how to keep them looking lovely and lush and green. 

We often hear from customers that they've found ferns a bit tricky – and that they're put off trying again after the brown and crispy specimens they've found themselves looking after in the past. So we're going to be demystifying how to keep them lush and healthy.

If you've ever had questions about if you should be misting or whether you're giving your fern friends enough water, or if they can be brought back to life once the leaves have gone crunchy, we'll be giving you some answers. You'll learn more about different types of ferns, which conditions they prefer, and – essentially! – how much light they need.

We'd love you to join us. Tickets cost £30 including a lovely new fern to take away, and a glass of wine. You can buy them here. Hope to see you there!

Vicky Frost