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Our current houseplant crush: Alocasia  

Alocasia amazonica

New to the Potted studio is our first batch of lovely Alocasia plants – we’ve had them in two sizes, both of which have been selling fast. (The two big ones sold pretty much instantly, in fact, so we’re hoping to get them back soon!). 

Mainly we’ve been enjoying these Alocasia amazonica Polly – some people might know them as ‘elephant ear’ – which have dark green, pointed, heart-shaped leaves with deep white veining, and deep purple undersides. They’re super-glossy and fairly robust: I really enjoy how strong and upright each leaf grows, meaning they make a real impact in a room. Even when they’re smaller plants, the leaves are a lovely size. Certainly they’ve been catching people’s attention at our markets – they were a real hit in Peckham and Catford last weekend.

Alocasia amazonica like bright but indirect light, which our west-facing studio provides in spades, and are also keen on being kept in a fairly humid environment. A bathroom or kitchen would work well, or if you have another space in mind, you’ll definitely want to get into the habit of giving it a quick mist during these warm summer months. They’ll thank you for a regular water too.

We hear from our suppliers that if you’re very lucky alocasias might flower. No signs of that yet from our stock - we’d love to see yours if it does!

Alocasia zebrina

As well as the lovely amazonica Polly, we also had a couple of large Alocasia zebrina which literally sold within hours. We’re working to get some more of these unusual and lovely plants – they seem to have slimmer stems than their smaller cousins, and large, lighter-green leaves with less distinct veins. Most interestingly, their stems are variegated – a fab black and white stripe all the way up, that was set off brilliantly by our large black and white cube pots. Perfect plant and pot! 

If you want to order an Alocasia – of either variety – from us, and are coming down to any of our markets (or live local to SE6) send us an email. We’ll see what we can do!